Green Etiquette

Bowls is a social game, where consideration for your opponents and your team players are important.
The following points are offered for guidance.

Give consideration to those playing. A little thought saves a lot of bad feeling

If a game is in play DO NOT walk or move across the end of the rink when a bowl is about to be bowled towards you. 
This can be very distracting to the bowler. Stop and wait until the bowl has been delivered.

Do not stand at the end of the rink and hold a conversation with anyone. Always cause as little distraction as possible.

When on the green be careful not to step sideways onto the adjacent rink and when walking to the other end of the rink do so quickly down the middle

When playing a match at home it is common practice to offer to buy your opponent a drink. This can be during or at the end of a game

Use common sense and good manners at all times. If you are not sure about the rules and regulations discuss with your fellow more experienced bowlers

Bowl as low as possible to avoid damage to the green

Apart from No 3 in fours and No 2 in triples other bowlers should stay away from the head particularly when measuring. 

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