Ladies Bowls at Wivenhoe Bowls Club

Ladies’ Teams:
The ladies’ teams play triples in the Tendring Hundred League
Division 1 & 2

Ladies’ points: 
All ladies are invited  to play in the ladies’ points on Monday Lunch times 11.45am to 2.00 pm. New members are encouraged to participate.

All ladies may enter the club competitions which include ladies’ singles ( 2 and 4 wood),ladies’ doubles and mixed competitions.

Friday Points: 
All ladies are invited to play in the Friday points which is mixed and played from 6pm every Friday during the season weather permitting.

Roll up : 
The Green is open for play from 12pm every day weather permitting. Members (ladies, gentlemen and mixed) can roll up on any rinks not being used by the teams or club competitions.

NB The ladies play in greys in roll up, points and club competitions.. They play in whites in the league and on finals day.

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