Mens Bowls at Wivenhoe Bowling Club

Men’s teams:
The men play in a number of leagues including:
Fours in the Premier and Stanford Leagues within Tendring Hundred
Triples in the Windsor League within Tendring Hundred.

Men’s Competitions:
The men may enter club competitions which include singles, doubles and mixed competions.
They also complete in competitions at all levels outside the club including Tendring Hundred, Essex County Group1 and National competitions

Men’s roll up :
All men are invited to play in the men’s roll up on Monday lunch times 11.45am to 2.00 pm. during the outdoor season.  New members are encouraged to participate.

Friday Points:
All men are invited to play in the Friday points which is mixed and played from 6pm every Friday during the season weather permitting. New members are encouraged to participate.

Roll up :
The Green is open for play from 12pm every day weather permitting. Members can roll up on any rinks not booked for the league teams or club
NB The men play in greys in roll up, points, club competitions and week day league games.
They play in whites in the weekend league games, County competitions and on finals day.

If anyone wants some coaching we have two level 1 coaches
Please contact either

Ernie Goodyear 01206 825711 or [email protected]
Derek Emms   [email protected]

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Premier League
Stanford League
Windsor Triple A
Windsor Triple B
Knock out Trophy and Plate

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