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Club Officers 2019-2020
President: David Brown

Chairman: Geoff Cook

Honorary Secretary: Vacant

Honorary Treasurer: Shelagh Wilby

Post Holders:
Bar Manager: David Brown

Catering Co-ordinator: George Stanley

Cleaning Co-ordinator: Pauline Stanley

Green Keeper: Andy Jeffrey

Grounds maintenance: Mick Coham

Lettings: Albert Twells

Membership secretary: Peter Wilby 

Management committee:
Club Officers and Albert Twells, Elizabeth Dack, Mick Coham, Roy Pearson, Peter Wilby, George
Stanley and Pauline Stanley

Mens’ Playing Committee
Selection committee: Trevor Baxter , Vernon Durrant , Ron Bennett

On the day contact:
Men’s Match Secretary: Derek Emms
Competition Secretary: Jackie Maguire

THL Delegate: Martin Toole

Group 1 Delegate: Andy Jeffrey 

ECBA Delegate: None