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Secretarys Notes  

Hiring the club
Albert Twells has kindly agreed to take over the bookings.  In future please contact him.
Outside requests usually come by email and these will be forwarded to him

We have had 44 men playing members, 18 ladies and 13 associate members this season.

New members
 : We are delighted to welcome two new members Martin Toole and Shelagh Wilby.  Wendy Mitchell had also rejoined the club.  Please make them welcome.

Duty Teams : There is a list in the club outside the bar of the teams.  If you are new to this duty or unsure about anything please contact the co-ordinator for your  group. This is shown in the fixture book. Thank-you

Catering : Please would all members involved in catering familiarise themselves with the hygiene book in the kitchen and ensure that all meals prepared are recorded in the book.  Thank-you

Shirts:  These are cheaper if the club orders them in bulk. 
If you require any other items with the club name and badge. You should find this at or use the link on the links page of this website

For new bowlers , please ask before buying lots of kit. Although you should invest in some  white bowls shoes which should have completely flat soles , there is no need to spend a lot of money unless you wish to .  Sports Direct do some reasonably priced shoes  to get you started but of course there are other suppliers.

The Calendar on the Wivenhoe Bowls Club website is now being used to show the fixtures, events, meetings, bookings etc.  It looks like it could be very useful for us all.  Please check the website at and maybe book mark it to your favourites

More New members: We are delighted to welcome Martin Toole’s grandson as a junior member & Malcolm Smith as a new member

Cleaning: Thank-you to everyone who has been cleaning up after themselves and a reminder to those on the cleaning rota to please sign up for your duty. . Once a month if you work alone or once a fortnight if you work in pairs please.

Bowls in the shed:  The bowls in the shed have been sorted.  We seem to have mostly size 5s and mostly swinging woods.  If anyone has any woods that are smaller or more suited to new bowlers, donations would be appreciated .  We are also interested in hearing about any good deals on second hand woods that you see.  Thank-you 

Bowling Holidays: If anyone is interested in organizing a trip in Autumn 2020. . I have been sent the following :

Visitors to the club.  Please note that members are welcome to bring friends to the club as visitors.  As per the constitution , they should be signed in the visitors book and the fee paid.  The management committee agreed this morning that the fee paid would increase to £1. This means that anyone who attends table tennis as a visitor will need to pay £2. Any queries please see a member of the management committee.

Cribbage. Takes place on the first Saturday of the month 7.30pm for 8pm start.  All welcome .  The increase in fee will apply to non-members.  Please also note that Cribbage is moving from 1st Feb to 8th February

Darts: If you are interested in joining the team please speak to George Stanley,  The dates for the darts games are on the calendar and supporters 
would also be welcome.

Quiz : 25th Jan 7.30pm
Horse Racing: 22nd Feb 7.30pm
Music Quiz: 14 March 7.30pm

Management Committee: Colin Williams has been seconded onto the committee. 

Bookcase: Is now in place by the bar for second hand books 25p each. 

Marking Courses
Details of courses can be found at

There are also a few housekeeping matters :

Bar: Members are reminded that whoever opens the bar should take responsibility for ensuring it is locked again. Would bar staff please lock the bar door if you are unable to keep an eye on it?  Please do not leave the bar open and unattended. 

Windows. Please check that all windows are shut when you lock the clubhouse. 
Please use blutak if you have to stick a notice to window.  Sellotape is hard to get off.