Information for New Members

Welcome to the bowls club. We hope that you enjoy playing bowls and the social activities in our club. Whilst we would encourage you to ask other members if you are unsure about anything, we hope this list is useful in getting you started.

In the summer, the security system is switched off by 9.30am. You will still need a key to access the club house through the main door. Keys can be obtained from Fiona Emms for a £3 deposit.

The Green is not generally available for play until 12 noon.

Beside the TV there is a rink booking file. If a rink is not booked you are welcome to use it to practise provided that you are in greys with appropriate shoes. You may also book a rink here but please note the order of priority for rinks shown in the book.

Rink Equipment is kept in the shed. Please ask for the access code.

If you are the last one to leave the premises, please leave everything locked. At night the club will also need to be alarmed. Instructions are beside the door in the kitchen.

If you would like a locker key please ask Fiona Emms. There is a £2 charge per year for use of a locker.

You may borrow bowls from the equipment hut until you buy your own. Try out different bowls before you buy. Most people buy second hand bowls to start with.

If you want tea or coffee please make your own and leave the money in the honesty box in the kitchen. Don’t forget to wash up and leave the kitchen tidy!

Dress Code: On the Green, we wear Greys or White. Greys are grey trousers, white shirt with collar or club shirt and white or grey or brown bowls shoes. Whites: are white trousers, club shirt and white bowls shoes. You may also wear a white jumper or jacket. We wear white waterproofs which we refer to as wets when it is raining.

Bowls shoes should only be worn on the Green and its surrounds never for travelling to and from the club or in the car park. This is to prevent the transfer of disease to the grass.

Green Etiquette: Please be mindful of players as you move around the Green. Try to keep noise to a minimum and avoid distracting movement. eg we wait for a bowler to bowl before passing across the path adjacent to the Green.

Bowls kit: Many people use the Bowls World shop in Ipswich for bowls related items. Check opening times before you visit. They also have a website. Some larger bowls clubs have shops too. For more information about Colchester Indoor Bowls see Dave Nugent. Clubs often have second hand bowls and clothing for sale.

Points: is open to all full members and is a good opportunity to practise. There are men’s roll up and Ladies’ points on a Monday lunch time 11:45 am . Arrive in plenty of time. Teams are chosen on the day. Mixed Points is on a Friday evening 5.45pm for 6pm start. Greys for points and all roll ups.

Men’s Playing: The gentlemen play in several leagues. Each of the teams has their own Captain. These are shown in the fixtures books. Games are teams of four with two woods unless it is triples when it is teams of three with three woods. They wear greys for all of these matches except Saturday afternoons when it is whites. If in doubt please check with your Captain. Details of the teams selected are on the men’s noticeboard by the changing rooms. Even as a new player, you may be asked to play so please check the boards. Lifts can be arranged with other members but you may need to ask. If you are unavailable for selection please complete the non-availability book by the TV as early as possible. If it is a regular thing inform the Captains.

Ladies Playing: The two ladies’ teams play in the Tendring Hundred League usually on a Thursday afternoon/evening. There are also some friendly matches. These matches are triples; 3 ladies with 3 woods each. Details of the fixtures can be found in the fixtures book and you should sign up to play on the Ladies’ notice board outside the changing rooms. The ladies team usually travels together to away matches. The Ladies have a non-availability book which is by the TV so please complete this if you are going to be away. The ladies always play league games in whites unless playing mixed games when it is prudent to check.

Please note that if you play in a team match and you are at home, you will be expected to offer to buy a drink for a member of the opposition. Also note that at all clubs there is usually a raffle or a draw of some kind.

The length of games can vary. Some games include a meal eg the men usually have a meal after evening matches. If you are playing at home whether you participate in the refreshments or not (and we hope you do )you will be asked to pay £3 for the meal or £1 if there is no meal. Ask if you are unsure.

All members of the club are expected to carry out a duty. As a new member you will not be assigned to a duty team immediately but may be asked to help out from time to time. Offers of help are always appreciated.

Competitions: We have to enter most of the club, Tendring and County competitions before the season starts so new members are unlikely to be able to compete during their first season but you may take part in friendlies, gala days, fun days. Please watch the noticeboards for more information.

More Information: Please read the noticeboards for more information. Playing information: on the men’s and ladies’ boards by the changing rooms. Social Activities: on the board by the bar . Updates: on the General Noticeboard and by email. Important Information: by the main door.

Our club website is: You will find  a wealth of information here.

Another website which has been chosen by one of our members to help you get started is bowling.htm


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