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Wivenhoe Bowls Club Management Committee Meeting minutes August 18th 2021.Present: Peter Wilby, Linda Ayre, Mick Coham, Kevin Boyd, Shelgh Wilby , Brian Coyne, Colin Williams, Albert Twells, Fiona Emms, Derek Emms.
2. Apologies: Pauline Stanley
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Agreed
4. Matters Arising
 Constitution meeting – The men have had to arrange a double fours on the 2nd September. The team includes 3 committee members. It was agreed to keep the meeting on the 2nd September but to invite those playing to comment. Colin would chair the meeting in Derek’s absence. Fiona would present the issue. All members of committee should attend. The aim of the meeting is to ensure that we have satisfied the needs of the club before it goes to the vote. Feedback had been received from one member so far .
 COVID : No feedback from members so we must assume that everyone is happy with the arrangements
Andy Jeffrey joined the meeting so the Green was discussed next
7. Green
 Lawn Mower . Andy explained that our “new mower” was 15 years old. It failed this summer and has been rebuilt including the cost of a new cylinder was over £900. The old Lawn mower is used out of season and is not efficient for cutting at 5mm as it clogs up. The best price that Andy can get for a new mower is £7.6K until the end of August . This would include everything we needed and setting up and would be supplied by the local dealer. A cheaper price had been advertised by another company but this did not include the wheel kit . The old mower would be sold for a few hundred pounds. It would be a good investment for the club . It has a guarantee of 12 months, Lots of clubs are buying so we will need to order. This was agreed unanimously subject to a written quote being obtained.
 Top Dressing £576 saved £300 by buying in bulk. This was agreed. Andy is trying to be prudent
 Rink 6 on red – would need to take top off – may not be worth it at the moment .
 Weed problem – left till autumn due to weather. It is Perwort. Perwort is in block paving.
Could put resin in the joints of the blocks. Big job. Resin expensive
 Irrigation – green has not required much watering. There are no brown matches and worm casts in the places where there were showing the green is more evenly watered
 Lots of positive comments on green from visitors and Andy was thanked for coming to the meeting 
5. Correspondence- only matters received were playing matters
6. Treasurer’s : security cost ?
 PPL : Shelagh has applied for a licence as we have some bookings coming in and the winter
season ahead. We have received a number of emails asking for payments when the club was closed.
 Accounts: It had not been possible to find a member as to scrutinize the books as previously agreed. We would therefore, need to appoint an accountant this year. Ernie Goodyear who had helped out previously was telephoned and agreed to help. Agreed with seven votes for. As agreed earlier in the year the accounts will be prepared by cash accounting and Colin Williams asked for it to be recorded that he totally disagrees with the way the accounts are being prepared.
 Party 29th : would buy own preseco – £3 corkage – bar staff to be informed.
 Budget statement – biscuits are in catering . Where have the security cameras gone ?
8. Gentlemen’s Report:
 The men has met and discussed issues for THL meeting on 19th which our delegate would attend. These were:
 more games for Stanford,
 more wed games excluding meals,
 number of rinks for Windsor,
 can ladies play in the Windsor ?
 The management committee urged the clubs to ensure the tradition of hospitality was not lost
 We are allowed to send two delegates to the meeting . Albert offered to attend.
 There was some discussion regards league entries – it was pointed out that this was a matter for the men’s AGM not the players committee to decide although they could advise.
 They thanked Jackie and Brian for organizing the mixed triples.
 The secretary requested a copy of the minutes
9. Ladies’ Report: no meeting since last management
 Bought set of small woods and a member had donated some which were his wife’s
10. Membership:
 Peter thanked everyone for their help on open day and Mick for banner outside house. No cost for banners , thanks to Peter’s son. Minimal cost for printing posters. 17 new members and returners gives us 52 men 31 ladies and 12 associate. Some coaching has been done. More may be needed. 5 new bowlers still to start Shirts ordered £15 each. Peter had ordered a few additional ladies ones to ensure a mix of sizes.
 Front door lock – needs replacing. Long term solution . 2 locks with same key ? – Albert to investigate – fairly urgent.
11. Bar Report:
 Terry sat Bookers says even less likely to deliver – still in mind. Several members have helped Brian with stock. Tesco’s do not have all the stock needed but can be used. Would Bookers at Clacton deliver ?
 Bar Rota to cover Wednesdays and Fridays. Derek to advise if a big competition might require staff.
 Following complaints , Brian will not continue next year . There was some discussion about the role. A note to be put in the club update.
12. Cleaning Report :
 Pauline reported that all was well and suggested that the bar might like to have a floor cleaner like the one she had purchased. Brian to follow up .
13. Catering report:
 Weekend had gone well and catering staff were thanked.
 Finals weekend games – salads and rolls. Fiona to check what lunches are required. Ladies committee will be meeting . We need to encourage newer members to help out more.
14. Social Events Report:
 Bookings : Sunday 29th Aug -all organised,
Sat Sept 25th retirement party 4.30pm – agreed .
 Autumn programme : plan for things to be normal . We have more members so we could have more sessions and include some morning eg Tuesday
 New Year: plan for it .
 Cribbage to start in October
15. Maintenance :
 Post box : Albert has key to start work .
 Ice machine: seems to be fixed. ACE repairs : Call out fee was £45. Hourly rate £48.
 Alarm: The engineer has changed the code so that we cannot access it again. This is not OK.
We own this and we always had the code with panther. Fault was fixed but needs fixing again –
same sensor. IT was supposed to be better for us with this company .
 CCTV monitor – done.
 Equipment shed door must be kept shut – floor is getting wet .Peter’s son will do door notice.
 Steps- by equipment shed – winter project
 Gutter : been checked and cleaned . Really needs another down pipe. –winter project
 Light bulbs at side and smoke alarm in ladies , bulbs in men’s changing need attending too.
 Outdoor light fittings – electrician has advised that these are not outdoor ones – winter job
 Chairs : still awaiting delivery
16 Safety and safeguarding:
 no near misses , accidents or safeguarding issues
 Defibrillator – Shelagh will get costs
17. Club activity diary: done
18. Website: OK
19.AOB :
 Shirts – My Icon could help. Need to decide fabric etc before colours. Colin had a nice shirt.
Not everyone wants new shirts.
 Help required for finals weekends.

20.DONM 8th Sept :9.30 ( note that this is the second Wednesday in the month to allow for holidays)