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Minutes of Wivenhoe Bowls Club Management Committee Meeting 15th dec 2021
1.Present: Derek Emms, Fiona Emms, Kevin Boyd, Mick Coham, Shelagh Wilby, P eter Wilby ,
Albert Twells, Pauline Stanley, Brian Coyne.
2. Apologies: None
The Chairman said that he had received feedback on the previous meeting and acknowledged that he needed to be firmer in the running of the meeting. He said that all decisions needed to be made at meetings as per the constitution, that votes should have a proposal to the chair and that you should raise your hand if you wished to speak.
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
• Item 6 treasurer latest gas bill £60 per month to be corrected to £60 for this month
4. Matters Arising (Not occurring elsewhere in the meeting).
• Shelagh asked “ Brian could not be paid for petrol, members are volunteers, why did Albert get the money for cleaning?” There was discussion around the fact that the cleaning was paid
from a deposit, previously deposits had been used for repairs. Albert said that he would no
longer continue as Bookings Secretary. Fiona said that previously she had done the bookings
and that it was a big help having a Bookings Secretary and she would not take on the role.
Bookings Secretary is an important role for the club and Albert was asked to reconsider. For the
future it was agreed that the Bookings secretary would hold the deposit and could return it if all
was OK at the end of the function but that if there was a problem relating to damage or cleaning the relevant team leader would be contacted.
• Linda’s Presentation Lunch: Following a number of emails it was agreed by a show of hands
with 6 in favour that Linda’s funds be returned. Members were reminded that this situation had
come about because of no shows when paying on the day. Members may not wish to run
another lunch. It was noted that if there was any further lunch a refund deadline would be
included. Concern was expressed about the tone of Linda’s emails. A response was proposed
by the secretary and agreed with 4 in favour, 2 against and 3 abstentions.
• COVID: Having looked at the government guidance from 10th December, it was agreed that
members must wear a face covering in all areas indoors unless in a space where there was
eating, drinking, short mat or table tennis. Distancing, ventilation, hand sanitiser to continue.
5. Correspondence:
• Clive Pettican (secretary THDBA) had said that the apology from Kevin Jackson was coming
• A letter from CBC had been received advising that we would not have a Hygiene inspection this year as the club was considered low risk. Instead, we had received a 5 page questionnaire which the secretary had completed with help from Pauline and some of the ladies from the catering team.
• Brian Coyne had sent an email to the secretary regarding the previous meeting. He said that he felt the matters had been covered and there was no need to read it out.
6. Treasurer’s
The monthly summary had been sent. The secretary pointed out that a main function of the meeting was to review the club finances:
• Gas bill was not shown on the summary as it came in next month’s account
• Mick has bought a pair of Wellingtons as he did not have any suitable boots for concreting .
These were kept at the club
• It was noted that Linda Ayre had been cashing up. As she is no longer a member of the
committee, someone else will needed to do this.
• Budget – Shelagh had not had time to complete this. Fiona shared her calculations which
suggested that we might break even but it did depend on bar takings/ bookings and contingencies. Shelagh pointed out that there would be no further grants and she would look
at these number with her own for the next meeting. It was noted that although there was £44K
in the bank, £7.6K had been allocated to the lawn mower. Peter asked how much we thought it
prudent to hold. Two year’s running costs was suggested which is around £30-£34 K.
7. Green Report.
• Lawn mower: To be delivered in January
• Jockey wheel: email from Andy Jeffrey – jockey wheel needed for H&S. Kevin explained
how the jockey wheel worked. If we cannot use the spiker we might need to pay a contractor
more. £500 could come from the sale of the lawn mower. Agreed with 1 abstention
8. Maintenance –
• Concreting – Mick thanked for his work on this
• Door handle done. There have been some issues regards locking up . A note to be put on the
door but it looks like the key doesn’t always work and the barrel needs replacing. Secretary
asked that the locks on doors including containers be checked to ensure they met insurance
• Driveway: The dip in the driveway has been filled with type 1. A wacker was needed at £100.
Helpers thanked.
• Blocking: mostly pressure washed except by the hedge.
• Back gate: left open and now needs repair
• Concreting between containers and fence. Just need some concrete as had sand left. Agreed
• Hot water. Quote £190 agreed.
• Lock on carpark gate has been replaced
• Sign and free banner has been made.
• Alarm. Michel Harridge to change faulty sensor £20. Voice can be put back.
9. Gentlemen’s Report:
• THDBA accepted Wivenhoe’s proposals. We have entered 3 Windsor teams 3 rinks mixed.
10. Ladies’ Report none
11. Membership:
• A few memberships have come in.
12.. Bar Report: No issues
13. Cleaning Report: All OK
14. Catering report: None
15. Bookings: Albert said that
• Following meeting with Fiona and Kevin, new forms had been created which would be sent to
committee for approval. It was noted that following a conversation with the insurance company,
commercial hire would also require sight of public liability insurance. New hire will include a
charge of £25 for membership or TENS.
• Bar prices: It was agreed to increase prices except for long standing members of more than a
year. Shelagh will put on Loyverse.
• Request to Hire on 28th May Agreed.
• Funny farm is going ahead at the moment. Max 50. May ask them to wear face coverings.
Bar service will be in small groups. Event will be earlier 7.30 till 9.30pm .
• Slimming world. We will meet with them in the new year. The insurance company have said
that we should have sight of the Public Liability Insurance which Albert has confirmed they
16. Social events:
• Car bar rally – need a few more
• Brian’s quiz. Feb 26th
17 Safety and safeguarding: None
18. Website: none. Peter is working on formatting of constitution for the new policy document
19. Club activity diary:
• The Privacy Policy from Bowls England has changed but it was decided not to revisit this yet.
• Health and safety to have defibrillator added.
• Equity OK
• George had suggested that the club be closed between Xmas and New Year which was agreed.
Club would re-open on 3rd January. It was also noted that there would be no Monday
afternoon short mat 20th December.
• Slimming World: will continue – Derek to unlock on 28th Dec
• Monday – Kevin to unlock on 20th Dec, no opening on Thursday 23rd
• Fiona said that she was very unhappy with the atmosphere in the meetings and the tone of the emails that she had received. She felt that whoever had spoken to Linda had been tactless.
She reminded people that the constitution requires that the committee promotes harmony in the club.
• Albert asked for confirmation as to how the use of the club was to be managed. It was
confirmed that the Bookings secretary would hold the deposit and could return it if all was OK
at the end of the function but that if there was a problem relating to damage or cleaning the
relevant team leader would be contacted.
DONM. Wed Jan 19th 7.30pm