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Minutes of Wivenhoe Bowls Club Management Committee Meeting January 20th 2020 by zoom
1.Present: Mick Coham, Brian Coyne, Derek Emms, Fiona Emms, Kevin Boyd , Linda Ayre, Pauline Stanley, Colin Williams, Shelagh Wilby, Peter Wilby .
2. Apologies: None
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting : December minutes agreed .
4. Matters Arising (Not occurring elsewhere in the meeting)
 Policies – it was agreed that these should be put on the website. Discipline policy agreed, Safeguarding agreed, GDPR agreed. Privacy Statement for members to have entry to leagues to be added. Policy and statement to be sent to members end January. Return information to be recorded on membership spreadsheet.
 Trustees –appointment had been discussed at the constitution meeting and Colin had forwarded the email from his solicitor friend to clarify the position about this. There was a question regards wording in the constitution. Colin asked for any other questions by Monday so that he can get these points clarified.
 Fixture book dates : Agreed
Men’s AGM : Thurs 9th September 2021
Presentation : Sun 31 Oct 2021
Ladies AGM : Thurs 28th Oct 2021
Club AGM : Thurs 18th Nov 2021
Ladies spring meeting : Thurs 7th April 2022
Club spring : Thurs 14th April 2022
Pre-season lunch : 10th April ( Easter is 17th ) 2022
Presidents day July 25th 2021
Spring clean as soon as club can be opened
 Sponsorship – Ron had sent details of payments. It looks like he has paid £60 of sponsorship money. It was proposed that this be returned. Albert asked to see a copy of the email .Shelagh to send. Ads not paid for to be removed. Fiona to write to sponsors as previously agreed. Farm would not be continuing. It appeared that Ron had been invoicing sponsors. All invoices for this financial year to go through Shelagh.
 Auditing accounts – How we will proceed? Two main possibilities – to pay a qualified and insured accountant to do the balance sheet – this would include depreciation and give you the club’s worth or continue with an “audit” by a competent person who would scrutinize the financial transactions, transferability of funds and give a cash position . Please consider pros and cons, ask questions and we will vote next meeting.
 Slimming World –had been asked to contact Albert to organise opening. She contacted Shelagh who sent it back to Albert. Need to have one person to sort out the booking. Shelagh just does invoicing. We have heard nothing further from Carla and no discussion on summer. Restrictions are putting all on hold.
5. Correspondence :
 Question about competition fee – to continue as £2
 Caister. Confirmed friendly fixture for Fri June 18th but asked if could be re-arranged to Sept 17th if necessary. This would not be possible due to the green renovation
 FIT to be read tomorrow– Albert thanked for organizing
6. Treasurer’s Report:
 TV licence refunded – DD cancelled so need to disable TV – Derek .
 Two covid grants £667+£4000.
 Bank statements to go to club address.
 Savings account not used since 2015 to be closed-agreed 2
 Dual signatory on bacs and cheques. – Albert will be the second one on bacs
 Waste paid demand of £158 – have not replied to Shelagh as to why owed
7, Green Report. :
 Irrigation still in progress but may have a replacement solenoid
8. Gentlemen’s Report:
 Email from Vernon as he has to step down as selector due to health issues. Refer to men’s committee to find another selector.
 Planning for playing– players’ committees to be asked to consider possible club leagues to be played in if THDBA doesn’t go ahead or is delayed. Also plan for short fall of games July and August .
 Suggestions for monthly events on Sundays
9. Ladies’ Report,
 Suggestions for Monthly events on Sundays
 Ladies’ could have a zoom coffee morning if they wanted to
10. Membership: recruitment
 Membership payments –29 members renewed to date. 10 ladies and 16 men full and 1 junior. 2 members are not rejoining due to ill health
11. Bar Report:
 Shelagh has sent Brian stock forms. Brian was investigating possible sources for deliveries – Colin’s co-op link . Fiona could suggest some companies.
12. Cleaning Report:
 Pauline is just keeping an eye.
 White box – extra strong bleach to flush toilets please
13. Catering report :
Biscuits are out of date
14. Social Events Report:
 Approx. 11 at zoom quizzes
15. Maintenance
 Cannot spray weeds till dry- getting sticky stuff
 Electric to be sorted out. It was agreed to continue with outside lights .
 There is a new fixed wiring check which we probably need to do – Fiona to ask Trevor about it , cost and if he would do or suggest someone
 PAT testing for plug in appliances would be sensible – need to borrow kit
 Alarm pad not working well – could it be replaced when alarm is serviced next month?
 Loft done.
 Blinds – tatty get prices
 Discussion on Air extraction – no filters goes up into loft. Moves air around out the round bits in the soffits
16 Safety and safeguarding :
 Risk assessment done for hire of club checked by Albert
 Risk assessment for covid checked by Pauline – need COVID signage inside and out . Peter can get it done in lieu of fee for advertising – a few days lead time
 Fire risk assessment to be done ,
 Need people to do hygiene other certificates out of date .
 Slippery steps- Albert to price rubber mat
17. Club Activity diary :
 Fixture book to be drafted – contents to be sent to Colin (Derek and Fiona).
 We will want a rink book if we are able to play normally otherwise use electronic booking
18. Website :
 Policies to go onto website in members area , approved minutes to be archived .
 £80 Water filters have disappeared from Office – Shelagh to ask Ron
20.DONM: Feb 17th 7pm .