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Wivenhoe Bowls Club Management Committee Meeting Minutes April 2021
.1.Present: Derek Emms, Mick Coham, Kevin Boyd, Albert Twells, Pauline Stanley , Shelagh Wilby, Peter Wilby, Linda Ayre, Brian Coyne, Colin Williams, Fiona Emms
2. Apologies: None
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Minutes 17th March (monthly meeting) and 24th March (bar till) and 30th March (Green opening) were agreed
4. Matters Arising ( Not occurring elsewhere in the meeting)
 Till has been purchased. Peter is getting it ready. Software etc all OK. Just need to add card
 Opening the green – Guidance has changed from last meeting Covid risk assessment OK,
Changing rooms and toilet can open but cautious use only one person at a time. Windows open.
Can access lockers but suggest members arrive changed, shoes at side of rink. No spectators.
Notices need updating outside.
 Locking and unlocking – 9.30am open close 8pm
 Monday – Kevin, Kevin
Friday – Kevin, Kevin
Thurs – Mick, Albert
Wednesday- Pauline, Pauline
Tues – Derek & Fiona
Sat – Linda, Linda
Sun- Brian, Fiona
 Booking system – Peter has set up rink booking as last year – 6 rinks start next Sat 17th on front page of website . Can have 6 rinks for small cost. 2 rinks to be set for singles – 1 hour at a time.
 Members may ring Peter’s mobile between 6pm and 7pm to book a rink if they do not have the internet.
 Points – Monday &Friday – sign up before hand and rink allocated so it is organized. Sign up also on website
 Max 24 on rink. Can use all rinks but casual play needs to be singles and pairs to ensure numbers are limited. Any casual triples and fours will need to book 2 rinks.
 Any rinks needed for competitions can be booked through Derek or Peter – usual protocols apply
 Benches: Chairs /benches. Currently 31 plastic chairs and broken benches. Options were 30
bistro aluminium chairs at £35.88 each or Recycled plastic benches 4 for £1.2K. After some
discussion it was agreed with 2 abstentions chairs to be if we can. Try to buy British made.
The old benches to be sold. Only benches outside club house to remain. Plaques to be removed
from old benches and fitted to visitors changing room.
 Fixture book: Fixtures revised and almost done. Adverts done. It was agreed that Ethics and
Behaviour policy remains, note about policies on website and in club house to be made . Linda
as safeguarding officer to be included. Send remaining drafts to Colin by Friday
5. Correspondence: None except bills and league stuff.
6. Treasurer’s:
 Water bill – we have had no bills. Despite reading meters. It was asked why we have to read
the meters? .
 Another £8K grant ,
 Noticeboard Expenses cheque to be signed for. Needs butterfly clip.
7, Green Report:
 A lot of hard work went into this.
 Irrigation system very good. Now needs new relay switch max budget £60.
 Green inspection- inspection from 2019 will stand . This is not good for us and will limit the
rinks that can be used for some competitions. Rink 6 on red is really poor.
8. Gentlemen’s Report:
 Minutes of men’s players had been circulated.
 Electronic Election -Windsor selector to be Mick Coham. Pairs to be 18 end 3 woods men’s
and mixed,
 THDBA leagues appear to be starting 1st May. Rink books already printed.
 Forms for selectors, non-availability book inside door need sorting – Fiona
 Nigel will organise friendlies. Malcolm Carder Mon Men’s roll up.
 First friendly against West End is now 3 rinks.
9. Ladies’ Report:
 Minutes of Ladies’ spring meeting had been circulated
 18 ends, 3 bowls adopted for ladies pairs.
 Ladies’ league starts 8th July – 1 game each club no promotions or relegations.
 Ladies intended to hold a swindle with 50% money to prizes. Could they keep the rest for
ladies’ day ? It was agreed that the club would give £100 to ladies day and that any profits from the raffle would be returned to the club.
10. Membership:
 3 more members Bill and Wendy are rejoining and Robert Taylor – new member. Steve Clubb
has decided to take associate membership and keep his locker.
 Emergency cards with go out with Fixture books.
 Recruitment: adverts inviting visitors to make an appointment –Encourage new members to
Fridays but doesn’t have to be Friday to start with. Management to meet new members. Peter to draft adverts – to go in FB council boards, New look, Co-op , Wiv News etc .
11. Bar Report:
 bar stock- contract with G&G Gallo being arranged – no minimum order and no delivery charges.
 We cannot really open bar during bowling yet as not allowed spectators. Could open after the
game. Open after May 17.
 Bar needs spring cleaning
 Should we use plastic cups for bar and paper cups for coffee initially to save movements in
building washing up etc agreed . Colin would source cups.
 Pauline would get tea , biscuits, milk from Bookers or similar
 One person to make, tea to be served to tables outside .
 No Swindle due to cash and no charges for tea and coffee till May 17 at the earliest
12 . Cleaning Report:
 Pauline is getting a calendar for duties.
 It was agreed that the toilets be cleaned 3 times a week , Sat, Mon and Wed morning if possible. Hoover when necessary . People should not be in the clubhouse except for toilet and lockers
 Need to find grey bowl for cleaning mats or buy new.
 Outdoor signs needed at end of rinks . Bowls England has some designs.
 Fiona will do indoor signs
13. Catering report: None
 Plate warmer needs fixing has failed insulation test
 2 Ladies have agreed to do hygiene course.
14. Social Events Report:
 quizzes stop this week .
 Slimming people after 17th May. 5.30pm starting time. Albert to time Windsor game to ensure all ok
15. Maintenance :
 All gone well – thank those who helped.
 Getting on with away changing room. Carpet will need a clean
 Electrical check going ok – will get a report for anything further .
 New light needed for away changing room. Pump house needs conduit,
 Concrete needs repairing in alleyway beside office
 Alarm – move control panel to outside Kitchen. Needs telephone point moving. Needs fused
 Camera down emergency exit area – not covered Peter to price up
16 Safety and safeguarding: RA done .
17. Club activity diary: Heating off- Leave for a couple of weeks.
18. Website: Put booking online from next Saturday. .
 Andy has suggested that the grass beside the away hut is concreted . To be priced for slabs
 Trustees : info awaited
 Sign for new notice board , first aid sign done and bowls stickers ordered .Peter was thanked.
20.DONM : 19th May 9.30am Note the time now the bowls season has started. Hopefully, we can hold