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Saturday 11th September 10am Umpire for the day Dave Brown

Win Turner 2 Wood M Twells 17 v F Emms 5   Marker K. Mason

Men’s Scofield Semi Final M Toole 21 v G Stanway 11   Marker D Mills

Mixed 2 Woods A Jeffery 5 v A Twells 17    Marker G Self

Mixed Pairs J Maguire & R Taylor 8 v S Wilby & D Stanley 23

Saturday 11th September 2pm

Gibson Scofield Pairs C Patel & G Wallis 19 v R Buck & S Wilby 11

Men’s Scofield C Williams 16 v M Toole 23      Marker M Carder

Men’s 2 Wood Semi Finals
D Emms 17 v K Boyd 16   Marker T Bush
A Twells 15 v A Jeffrey 12   Marker P Davey

Men’s 2 Wood Final D Emms 12 v A Twells 16

Sunday 12th September 10am Umpire for the day Fiona Emms

Men’s Handicap D Emms (8) 9 v M Toole (7) 21   Marker G Self

Men’s Pairs A Twells & P Wilby 22 v P Davey & G Stanway 18

Ladies Handicap J Maguire (10) 25 v L Ayre (6) 20    Marker H Davey

Hodgson Cup S Wilby 22 v C Patel 10   Marker P Stanley

Sunday 12th September 2pm

Mens Championship A Twells winner (D Stanley  unable to compete)

Mason Cup M Twells 21 v K Mason 7    Marker R Buck